A Simple Guide To Growing Runner Beans in Pots

If you have to use a small space to grow plants, then your best choice would be growing runner beans in pots.

They are easily one of the prettiest and most productive crops to grow in pots.
Not only that, but they are also very easy to plant and it doesn’t require you to be an expert to start your own runner beans garden.

Runner Beans in raised  Pot

Growing these beans will save you a ton of space and make your patio or garden look much, much better and more lively. These beans have amazing ornamental, heart-shaped leaves that look so beautiful and add to the aesthetics of your place.

Now before we get to the actual process of how you can plant runner beans in your pots, we have to first cover the different varieties of this plant and see what is different about them.

Varieties of Runner Beans

Runner Bean ‘Jackpot’

A Simple Guide To Growing Runner Beans in Pots 1

This is a dwarf variety of the runner beans and is good for patio containers and small gardens.

Runner Bean ‘Scarlet Emperor’

bean scarlet runner

This type of runner beans are known for their amazing flavor and are a very well known variety that has a lot of flavor in it.

Runner Bean ‘Benchmaster’

Runner Bean benchmaster

These beans’ most prominent characteristic is that it’s a good exhibition bean that has won the first prize on the show bench.

Runner Bean ‘Firestone’ & ‘Snowstorm’

Firestone’ & ‘Snowstorm runner beans

These two types of beans are known to be self-setting and don’t require external aid from people.

They are known to have an earlier and continual crop even when the weather isn’t very ideal.

Runner Bean ‘Celebration’ & ‘St. George’

These two varieties of beans have pink flowers and sometimes can even have bicolor flowers.

They are the most attractive type of runner beans and are some very productive border beans.

runner bean Celebration’ & ‘St. George

Now that we’ve covered the different varieties of runner beans that you can get your hands-on, you have a better idea of which kind you would like to grow in your garden or pots depending on which the variety you go with.

Steps to Growing Runner Beans in Pots

After you have chosen which runner bean variety you’d like to plant, let’s get down to business.


Grab a pot, fill about 3 inches of its height with moist, multipurpose compost.


Sow one seed per pot, 2 inches deep in the soil. Also, it would be a good idea to plant more seeds than you need so that you would have extra in case some of them get eaten by slugs.

growing runner beans


Don’t forget to water them well. These runner beans need a lot of water if you want them to grow and fruit well.

The pot you use must at least be 5 gallons, but the ideal pot you should use should be able to hold 13 gallons of water. Using larger pots will mean that they will dry out very slowly.

watering runner beans

Then, ensure that the pot is placed somewhere where the temperature is over 54° F. You can put it in a greenhouse, or even a sunny windowsill, either can be ideal.

These runner beans will need 5 to 6 hours of sunlight every day, so make sure where you put them can provide that.


Gradually hardens off the bean plants and plant them out when the risk of frost is no more (usually in May or early June).

Now that you’ve planted your seeds, there are other things that are just as important that you need to be aware of.

For the fruits to set, they need to be pollinated by bees, so it would a really good idea to plant some insects attracting flowers nearby.

There are also some insects that are really bad for your crops and will eat them before you even have a chance to see them grow. Slugs, for example, love runner beans seedlings.

A Simple Guide To Growing Runner Beans in Pots 2

The easiest way to protect your beans is by using homemade cloches, you can make them by cutting in half-empty drink bottles and put one over each seedling.

This will give your beans some protection against the slugs.
Runners also need good tall support to climb up, kind of like a wigwam.

If you’re able to find some tall branches then they would work perfectly for this purpose. Other than that they would also look a lot better than a cane.

This is more of a creative since the practicality of the tall support can easily be achieved, you can get creative with what you use and make things look very pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

One last thing

You should keep picking the runner beans. This is very important to do because it encourages the beans to keep growing more every time you pick them.


You can pick the beans small for a delicious, tender treat. Bigger beans look cooler but are tough and hard to eat.


Runner beans are very fun and aesthetically pleasing to grow. Not only that but they can also be very delicious.
This was a step by step guide to growing runner beans in pots at your own home.