Having a good looking table to make your potting is great, it doesn’t just save you the trouble of always looking for a place to make your decorations and other stuff, but it saves you a lot of space.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 1

The good thing is that it’s easy to make and through this article, we will guide you step by step to make your amazing handmade potting bench using only pallets.

So make you sure you follow to the end and enjoy every moment of making this amazing bench.

Step 1: Get your supplies and tools

Before you start any project, it’s a sure thing that you will need supplies and tool to get the work done.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 2

For this wonderful bench try to note these supplies and tools, but keep it simple and try to get as less as possible new stuff.

Let’s make a challenge and try to use supplies we might find hidden in our backyard or the garage.

Let’s start with the supplies:

–          Of course, as mentioned in the title it’s the pallets, if you couldn’t get any old good shaped ones, try then to buy some new.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 3

–          A box of screws 2 1/2″ to hold everything together

–          Some other different screws depending on the needs.

–          Sandpaper

–          A piece of plywood or 2*4 lumber

The tools:

–          A good hummer

–          Pliers

–          Pry bar

–          Safety glasses ( very recommended)

–          A pencil and a tape measure

–          A clamp

–          Table saw, it is very helpful and it will save you a lot of time, but if it’s not there, then it’s totally okay you can use a regular one.

–          Screw gun, but again if it’s not available you can use the screwdriver.

–          Drills

–          Pencil

Once you got all this, then you ready to start. Keep in mind that what’s mentioned in the two lists might change depending on you, you can add paint or change the size of the screws or even use other things that will help to invent a good potting bench.

Step 2: Disassemble Of The Pallets

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 4

As the first step on your way to make the potting bench you looking for, taking apart the pallets in order to get the good looking boards so you can use them either in shelves or other things you might need.

Make sure you remove every possible nail, so you can avoid the danger of getting hurt when you use the wood.

Step 3: Making The Legs

You will be needing 4 legs each one is a 36”, all-knowing that 36” is the perfect and healthy height for a potting bench.

You can use any kind of wood, but it’s really preferred to use a strong piece of wood to make the legs.

Remember in case you were using the lumber from the pallets or any other attached material make you sure you remove all the hidden nail so you can avoid any danger coming from that.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 5

Step 4: Make The Pallet Ready For The Legs

In order to properly attach the legs to your pallets, you got to notch the rear both sides of the pallets so the legs will be attached perfectly.

Step 5: Fill The Gaps

Some of you might get the pallets that have a between a piece of wood and another, in this case, you will have to break down another pallet and take all the necessary lumbers, and fill the empty places using screws or nails.

Step 6: Get Your Legs Attached to The Pallet

Now that you have the legs and the main pallet table ready, all that’s have left so your potting bench start to take shape is fix those legs in the notched corners we made ready before.

You can use either nail or screw and make you sure you use the right size of each one so the legs are fixed perfectly, and to avoid any excise of the screws in case you used an inconvenient size, which might be dangerous on anyone.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 6

Step 7: Back Your Legs

In order to keep the bench strong and useful for as long as possible, it is highly recommended to back up the bench legs.

You can either use blocks on the space between the legs, measure the back and the sides of the table and take a right measured piece of wood and fix it on the back and the sides of the legs to straighten everything.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 7

Step 8: The Top Shelf.

Add another 2”*4” to the top of the table, to make a top-shelf that would hold the potting and other stuff you might need to use in your garden.

Then you can install one or more boards in the back slats to avoid the fall of anything to the back. You can also add different hooks, so you can use them later to hold things.

Step 9: Lower Shelf

Not a necessary thing to add to the bench, but it will add certain creativity to your potting bench, not just that it can be very practical in case you were looking for a place to protect your stuff from humidity and water.

In order to get this shelf done, you bring a pallet and cut it to the measures of the potting bench, and fix in the lower of the table, using screws.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 8

Step 10: Last Touches

Now that your potting bench is almost complete, one last but not least step is left, you verify the potting bench and see if it’s steady, also make a good verification and make sure that there is no nail or screw out of the wood, which might be a danger on anyone using it.

Step 11: The Last Step

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 9

The potting bench is ready, all things are good, the last thing you can add now the painting. Using the sandpaper on the sides of the potting bench, then you can paint with whatever color you love.

Keep in mind that paint helps the potting bench to last stronger and keeps it quite good facing all the external factors.

A Simple Guide to Making a Potting Bench from Pallets [DIY] 10

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