Choosing to build a patio, a gazebo or a pergola for your home backyard or garden could be quite confusing.

Knowing the differences between these 3 options is important to decide which one works best for you and suits your home and your taste. While they may look similar to you, they are not.

To understand the differences we are going to show you everything you need to know about these 3 options.

Things to know about patios 

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 1

Building a patio for your home backyard could be a great way to enhance its beauty and create a friendly, cozy and fun setting for friends and family gatherings.

You can use the space to throw birthday or barbecue parties.

A lot of people think that a patio is a terrace while the only difference is that a terrace is an elevated patio.

A patio is basically an outdoor space adjoining a house generally on the yard and is typically paved.

So how to start? One of the things to consider is the location of the patio. If you have a very small space in your house the choices would be limited but if you have a large space you can have lots of choices to choose from, however, it is important not to make the wrong one.

Your patio should be right next to the house in the most private area possible. Make sure you also choose the flattest area in the yard so that every furniture will be well balanced when put on the ground.

Another way to maximize the relaxation and satisfaction of the patio is the view.

So choose the best possible view that you have, whether it’s in front of a fire pit, a small flower garden or a view over the Hollywood hills.

What are the best materials to use?

Usually, the experts do not have a specific favorite material to use for building the patio.

The general rule is to make a choice based on the architecture of the house’s building.

This will make your patio go along the house very well without making the gap that will make you notice the difference which could be not pleasing for the eyes.

There is a wide variety of choices, for example, Stone, bricks, concrete pavers, poured concrete or tile.

Your choice should also be made based on the style of your patio, speaking of which leads us to our next point.

Choosing the right type for your patio

Bohemian style patio

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 2

Opting for a bohemian style automatically means using lots of colors in the furniture. We live in a time where bohemian style has become a trend in many different aspects of our lives and that is because of how instgrammable it looks on the pictures.

Make the best use of plant vases that you can place on the table or on the corners of the space. Try also to incorporate rugs that you can either hang on the walls or just lay on the floor.

Moroccan style patio

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 3

If you like eastern culture, the Moroccan style patio could be the right choice for you. This style also features lots of colors which give it an exotic vibe. The use of plants is also advised to achieve this look.

You can use plant vases. This style is also known for its very relaxed vibe by the use of low tables and chairs. Using rugs is also an essential detail to put in mind. As for the material to be used, traditionally zellige which is a mosaic tile which is one of the characteristics of Moroccan architecture, however, you can use just normal tile which will also work fine.

Minimalist style patio

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 4

If you prefer a simpler style which could bring relaxation and serenity to your mind, a modern minimalist patio will be exactly what you are looking for.

The best material to use in this style is concrete is matched greatly with minimalist architecture. Make sure to keep your space clutter-free otherwise it will lose its vibe.

In addition, the use of colors should also be minimalist. Avoid using lots of colors and make it consist of only two colors or three.

Things to know about pergolas

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 5

One of the ways to make your yard different and stand out from the rest is by building a pergola. Pergolas have been introduced to architecture in the early 1600s European gardens and walkaways and they can serve for many purposes. But before jumping into that, first, we need to know what a pergola is.

A pergola is an outdoor arched structure, usually wooden, that can be mounted in a garden park, backyard, or porch. They are great for enhancing the aesthetic look of your space as well as adding charm to it.

What we like most about pergolas is that you can use them in so many different spaces including the patio that we have seen previously. Now let’s see the different purposes of the pergola.

Purpose of the pergola


One of the primary uses of the pergola is shading whether a garden, a patio, or walkaway. This is a very functional task of the pergola, especially during summertime. To increase the purpose of shading, plant some growing plants or creepers on the frame and that will create more shade and more freshness to the area.

Create additional gardening space:

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 6

 Another purpose of the pergola is to create more space to plant new plants. You can plant creepers and let them grow around the frame of the pergola or use the top boards to hang vases of green plants or flowers. This creates such a beautiful natural ceiling for the pergola.

Create privacy in an open garden

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 7

Another way of using the pergola for your best advantage is to create privacy. Not everyone enjoys being relaxed in the patio while being in an outdoor area.

You can do that either by adding drapes, latticework or screens which even adds a more stunning look to it.

Types of pergolas

There exist many types of pergolas that you can choose from. Here are what we recommend for you:

Wooden pergola: Wood is always the material that works charms for frames like this and that is also the case of pergolas. It gives such a natural and rustic look to your space which adds more texture and charm to it.

One of the advantages of using wood is the ability to play with the design as much as you want. Besides that, you can always rebuild it if a part of it is damaged.

Vinyl: Nowadays, vinyl is one of the most used materials in architecture and pergolas didn’t escape. Vinyl is very durable, strong, and look very splendid.

A pergola made of vinyl will perfectly match a minimalist patio as well as other types of patios since its colors is usually white which can be combined with so many different colors and still look charming.

Metal: Metal pergolas are very easy to assemble and demand very low maintenance and that is what makes them a more expensive option. You can dismount it and assemble it again wherever you want.

They’re also very strong and endure weather elements like the sun and rain. Just make sure to paint it well to keep it away from corrosion.

Things to know about gazebos

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 8

Gazebos are very similar to pergolas and many people confuse which one is what. The major differences between them lay in the structure.

Gazebos can take a round or octagonal shape while pergolas are usually square or rectangular. Another difference is that gazebos are roofed and pergolas are not, they usually have crossed boards.

The last major difference is that a gazebo is a separate structure in the yard while a pergola can be combined with other elements such as the patio, the walkaway or the garden.

Gazebos can be built for the same purpose as a patio which is to relax and unwind. It provides shade, ornamental features to space and a shelter when it rains. They are usually open on all sides with a sort of bell-shaped roof.

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 9

Gazebos are also like pergolas when it comes to the material built with. However, it is usually built with wood which gives it a classical and natural look and this is actually one of the purposed for which gazebos were made which is to show the grandiose of the countryside views during the 18th century.

You can also get them in vinyl or metal. The one built with metal usually comes with a screen tent and it’s easy to dismantle and assemble again.  

Outdoor living has become a more and more chosen way to relax and unwind from every day’s stress.

Many people spend lots of time working in front of computers in small offices and that is the reason why we think it’s important to have this sort of escape from the four walls that always surround us.

People should spend more time outside with family and friends and I think that one of the best places to do that is in patios or gazebos.

All What You Should Know Before Building a Patio, a Gazebo or a Pergola in your Backyard 10

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