All You Need to Know about Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Are you wondering how are your neighbors keeping their lawns deeply green? If you ask them, they will probably talk to you about organic lawn fertilization.

Fertilization in general guarantees a healthy and green grass that will look at its best during the whole year, but for that, you will need to put on a schedule to look after your lawn, and choose the right tools for that.

Do not feel pressured. We brought to you all the information you will need to know about lawn fertilization.

What Is An Organic Lawn Fertilizer?

All You Need to Know about Organic Lawn Fertilizer 1

Lawn fertilization equals lawn care. It consists on using organic products in lawn care techniques, mainly to block weeds and fight diseases that may harm and threaten the health of the plants you are growing, in order to keep your lawn healthy and safe.

How Does it Work?

Your soil contains a countless number of microbes living in it that feed on nutrients provided to the grass.

These nutrients are essential in order for the grass to thrive.

Organic lawn fertilizers work on increasing the nutrients that your soil produces, which result in increasing your soil’s microbe population.

This process allows your lawn to be well-nourished and able to carry healthy plants.

All You Need to Know about Organic Lawn Fertilizer 2

Benefits of Organic Lawn Fertilizers

Organic lawn fertilization makes your lawn grow healthier and stronger.

It gives your lawn a higher density and makes it thicker. Not only it makes your lawn look more beautiful and alive, but it also helps taking over weeds, not leaving any available space for them to grow.

Even if your lawn is already damaged by invasive weeds or another lawn disease, an organic lawn fertilizer will help it recover.

It also makes your lawn become very durable and able to survive through tough conditions like extreme weather.

Not to mention that it is very rare to get a lawn with a vibrant green color without extra help; this is where lawn fertilizers have an important aesthetic impact.

Most of the fertilizers contain nitrogen; this nutrient is associated with the rich green color of your lawn.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer VS. Chemical Lawn Fertilizer

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Both chemical and organic lawn fertilizers serve the same purpose. They both contain enough nutrients to support plant growth.

But, there are many differences between them; in terms of the availability of the used nutrients and the long term impact on the soil and the environment generally.

Organic Lawn Fertilizers

The first advantage of organic lawn fertilizers is that they are environment-friendly and renewable; they strengthen your soil and make it healthier over time by improving its structure and pushing its potential to hold nutrients and water and benefit from them.

Also, using an organic lawn fertilizer, you do not have to worry about any risk of toxic proliferation or over-fertilization that might be deadly or harm the plants.

And, although organic lawn fertilizers can be kind of expensive, you can still make them on your own by composting or you can find local farms that sell inexpensive ones.

However, the microorganisms that are supposed to release nutrients only work under suited circumstances: they require warmth and moisture. Therefore, the efficiency of organic law fertilizer might be limited to a season.

Also, you will have to be patient using an organic lawn fertilizer, because there is no way to speed the process so you will have to put up and trust nature’s control.

Chemical Lawn Fertilizers

Chemical lawn fertilizers are inexpensive, they are thoroughly analyzed to make sure they contain the right amount of nutrients your lawn will need, therefore they release nutrients as soon as you will need them and you will be able to see the improvement in very few days.

In spite of that, you must know that chemical lawn fertilizers do nothing to sustain the soil and make it stronger, which might result in damaging its structure.

Also, the risk of over-fertilization is big, since the amount of nutrients is exact. Any misuse or overuse can result in a big danger for the plants.

Long term use of chemical lawn fertilizers can have many consequences such as changing the soil’s pH, upsetting the soil’s microbe population and fill it with toxic substances that can affect fruits and vegetables.

And of course, chemical lawn fertilizers are made of nonrenewable sources.

Which One Is The Best?

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If you care enough about the environment and are concerned about the earth you are leaving to the generations to come, organic lawn fertilizers are, by far, the answer.

Chemical lawn fertilizers will, with no doubt, give you the result you are looking for. Just make sure you are aware of the immaterial price you are paying for it.

How Much Time Does an Organic Lawn Fertilizer Take To Work?

As we mentioned earlier, organic lawn fertilizers are slower. It is mainly because the soil’s microorganisms need to break them before they are able to feed the plants.

They basically need to decompose before the plants can benefit from the nutrients.

This usually takes from two to six weeks, depending on the soil’s warmth and moisture.

Two of The Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers:

All You Need to Know about Organic Lawn Fertilizer 5

This organic lawn fertilizer is made from poultry manure and is a perfect choice if you live in an area with an arid climate, especially in summer. It is great to take care of your lawn in the hottest days and make it stronger to handle fall’s and winter’s weather. It also protects your lawn from drought.

All You Need to Know about Organic Lawn Fertilizer 6

This organic lawn fertilizer is made from plant origin nutrients.

Its organic formula takes about two weeks to take form and strengthen your lawn by making it thicker and greener.

However, and like most of the other organic fertilizers, you will have to apply it on a regular basis and be very patient to see its wonders.

Now that you realize that organic products are the best for your lawn, you know that healthy soil equals healthy plants. Not only that, but they also nourish your soil and sustain the environment.

Always go organic!

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