How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots?

Clay pots or terra cotta planters are a classic thing to have in your garden, with almost every house have or had a few ones back in the days, so it’s always a good thing to have some in the house, but wait, what about having some decorated ones?

No, you aren’t going to buy ready ones, why? Because in this article I’ll guide you tell you to make your first self-decorated pot made at home with your beautiful hands and mind.

So make sure to read to the end and let’s not forget that you always have the pleasure to add your own amazing touch.


One of the most common ways to decorate is paint, first because it’s always available and easy to apply, all you need is some brushes and a few colors and you set to go.

But before, do you know which type of paint you should use on your terracotta pots and what are the steps you need to follow before you start painting?

terra cotta planters

 What Paint you Should Use to paint my terra cotta planters?

Well in general and because the pots are made of clay, and that last absorbs paint more than a normal pot made with other materials, then, in my opinion, the best type you can use sprays or acrylic paint.

This kind of paint seems to be the most suitable for the clay pots, they are well treated when combined or applied on the clay pots.

How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 2

 Now let’s move to the steps you need to make before you start painting?

With the paint, the part is now clear, only a few steps left before you start painting your terracotta pots.


Before you start painting a very essential step needs to be done, it is the cleaning, make sure to clean the pots very good.

In case you bought a brand new terracotta pots, run them under water and scrub them well with a brush, so the paint sticks very well on the pots and looks great.


How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 3

Make sure that your pots are totally dry, a 100 percent clean and dry, so you can get the best possible results.

Let the pots dry overnight and if it didn’t get completely dry, you can use the sun for a quick result.

Painting the Terra Cotta Planters

Let’s start with the equipment you will need:

  •          New or used terracotta pots
  •          Scrub brush, paint brushes
  •          paint colors
  •          Newspaper

Once you got those components ready, place your pots on a piece of newspaper making your work station, after this, you can start painting your Terra Cotta Planters.

I know you probably asking how too? It’s simple to be creative, paint whatever comes to your mind and of course try to come out with something cool, remember you can always use examples of paints from the internet and try to follow tell you to get it done.     

 Terra Cotta Planters

2. Using newspaper:

This one is great for your indoor terracotta pots, you’re not going to need much of things, some paint, newspaper, and glue.

Now let’s go to the steps you need to follow:

  •           Clean your pots
  •           Get your paint ready
  •           Paint the upper side of the pot with the colors you want
  •           Take a piece of newspaper and cut it so it places perfectly on the pot
  •           Use the glue and place your measured newspaper pieces on your pots
  •           Leave to dry then you can use it in your wonderful house.
How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 4

3- Pots tower

Have you ever thought of making quite a weird combination, how so? Well, it is possibly the easiest way to have some decorated beautiful pots in your house.

In this one you will be needing 3 pots, you will start by painting each one with a different color.

The next step then is to fill 30 percent of two pots with sand, once done place the pots one inside the other with leaving the empty one in the upper side, so the pots start to look like a tower.

How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 5

4- Terra Cotta Planters figures

I know that the name has made already wondering like what the heck is a terracotta pot figure, well let me explain, it’s a terracotta pot that we will make look like a famous figure, you want to know how? Just follow the instructions.

For this wonderful idea you will be needing 1 terracotta pot medium size, and 5 small pots, the idea is quite simple, we will make the famous KERMIT frog, take the pots and paint them all in green from the outside, wait till it dries, then pick two small pots and paint the inside in a way that will make them look like eyes.

Moving to the big pot paint it in the inside with a pink color. Now that you got all the pots painted and ready, it’s time to form the famous Kermit frog.

Using some strong glue place the two-eyed pots in the upper side of the pot, the other two in the front and the last in the side, so that the pot remains equilibrated.

Once all the steps are done, congrats on having your first terracotta pot Kermit frog.

How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 6

How to Prevent your Terracotta Pot from Cracking?

Now that you got your terracotta pot decorated and ready to host some plants and beautiful roses, the thing that most people can be afraid of is the cracks, YUP, the terracotta pots cracks with time especially in extreme weather, the pots attend to not support the changes of the weather, which might lead eventually to some cracks.

How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 7

One thing that my dad taught me whenever I use a terracotta pot to prevent it from cracking was quite easy and simple to be done, it is sinking it in the cold water for a whole night before you use it for any kind of mission, believe it or not, it worked. The simple the better.

Another thing that many people use now is to cover their terracotta pots with a protective sealant, it will keep the water out and help your terracotta pot to survive the different weather changes.

How to Decorate Terra Cotta Planters & Terracotta Pots? 8