Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY

With the houses getting bigger and the people attend to have more gardens and backyards than the old times, most of us try to benefice from those places the maximum possible.

Either you had a piscine out there or just a simple garden and a barbecue grill, lots of people don’t know how to take advantage of those places and make a lot fun to go to, instead of just sitting inside the house.

The problem starts with people trying to avoid the weather changes and just they don’t know how.

Well, I have some great for you my friend through this article we will provide you with some amazing ideas that will make you and your backyard way happier to be in each other’s territory and of course they are going to be something you can do by your own-self. So make sure you read to the end enjoy.

Idea 1: The Pallet Canopy

As the name indicates it’s a simple canopy you can build in your garden with the use of pallets and a few other materials. Now let’s go and make this amazing garden canopy.

Supplies and tools you will need

2 pallets, screws, table saw, tape measure and a screw gun.

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 1

Step 1: Disassemble the Pallet

Take a pallet and disassemble in two pieces, with keeping the upper side of the pallet all together. On the other pallet cut 2 inches from each side so the pallet can be better to use a base to set at.

Step 2: Assembling

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 2

Now that you have the two pallets ready and shaped is it should be, all what’s left is to assemble the two pieces together.

Take the one side pallet and place in the back of the other pallet, with the use of screws fix it together so it starts looking like a big two-place chair.

Step 3: Finishing

Now that you got the garden canopy ready, you get some chain holders and fix them on the front and back sides of the base canopy, and fix another 4 holders in the on a metal holder in the garden.

Get your chains into all the holders and start swinging and enjoying your pallet canopy.

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 3

Step 4: Painting and Furniture

As a last elegant touch, you can paint the garden canopy with some long-lasting paint, and add a few pillows so it can be more enjoyable and comfortable when you set at it.

Idea 2: Old Swing Turned Into New Canopy

No one loves to change a swing to a garden canopy, but what if we could invent something that will combine the two, offering us the same amount of amusement and joy but with an old elegant touch.

The thing here is simple try to find two old strong chairs, get some holders and fix them on the strong 4 sides of the chair.

But before as a precaution you can reinforce the chairs by putting more screws on each side to strengthen everything, and of course, avoid any kind of danger.

Now that the chairs are ready, go to the swing and remove the old metal stuff, and replace them with a chair on each swing.

Fix everything in a good way and give it a try so you make sure that there is no problem. Once all this is done congrats for having your own special swing canopy.

Idea 3: A Pallet Bed Canopy

This one is a bit different than the previous one, why, well because it doesn’t have any back support and it’s more easy and practical especially if you have an old tree in your house.

This one is simple and easy, all you have to do is bring two palettes and a few long screws. Put each pallet next to the other depending on how you want the canopy, long or large.

Fix the two pallets with screws, and you can add two long pieces of lumber and the two pallets and fix them underneath so the two pallets won’t separate and also to strengthen the whole canopy structure.

In your old tree go and find a strong trunk, and take some ropes and surround each side with a rope and fix the top sides of the ropes in the trunk. Once done give it a try and make sure that everything is good.

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 4

 Now that you got one of the previous canopies ready, one issue might appear as an unpleasant thing that might be a problem in your way to enjoying the garden canopy.

That issue is the weather, either on hot days or when it’s rainy the problem of not having something to protect us from the weather changes always appears.

We will try to fix that problem by giving you two creative ideas you can make by yourself.

Idea 4: The Old Curtains Awning

We all have some old curtains thrown somewhere in the house, but have you ever thought that they can be very useful as an awning, they can be very protective from the sun and the rain two in case they were made from plastic.

The idea is quite simple and you can use whatever available as tools and materials.

Two ropes the measure will depend on the space between the two walls you want to fix the awning in between.

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 5

Fix two holders in each side, but before taking the curtains and make other holes in the other side, preferably to be the same number of holes and in the same opposite place, so that you won’t find any problem when you spread the curtains.

Now that the curtains and the holders are ready, take the two pieces of ropes and pass them throw the holes.

And now fix the ropes with the curtains on both sides in the holders. The good thing about this awning is that it’s very practical you can use it for different reasons and you can remove it to when you want to simply enjoy the sun in a beautiful summer day.

Easy Outdoor Garden Canopy and Awning Ideas to DIY 6

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