Epic Backyard Pergola Covers and Patio Covers Ideas

 Who said you have to stick with one backyard design for a lifetime? There are many additions you can transform your outdoor area through.

Two additions that first come to mind are a beautifully crafted pergola and a warm inviting patio. An outdoor structure will provide shade and help your home design look chic, become cozier, and visually appealing.

Epic Backyard Pergola Covers and Patio Covers Ideas 1

The following article will elaborate on the meaning of both a pergola structure and a patio cover and provide some creative ideas for both.

Pergola structure:

A pergola is a traditional shady structure that is free-standing.

This structure uses a slatted roof structure and it is usually supported by columns or pillars.

Pergolas rarely have a solid roof and they often come in rectangle or square shape.

They were first introduced in the Mediterranean, where their slatted roof design provided the perfect filtered shade for gardens and climbing plants.

Epic Backyard Pergola Covers and Patio Covers Ideas 2

They are now an integral part of a well-rounded backyard and a perfect passageway or sitting area away from the midday summer sun.  Here are a few examples of backyard pergola designs.

This is a basic pergola structure, it features a minimalist outdoor sitting area. This backyard design is complete with a retractable roof that will protect you from the harsh elements, but also give your outdoor space an aesthetically pleasing look.

canopy pavilion in garden

A canopy pergola has a charming and romantic feel to it and will be the perfect spot for a nice breeze in sunny days.

It is built on this wooded area that can protect you from small creatures and insects living in your garden.

Your family and friends will surely enjoy weekend lunches in this gorgeous pergola.

rustic appeal gazebo

This pergola is hand-crafted and will give your outdoor space a rustic feel that makes use of an octagonal floor plan and a steel pitched roof.

The large round table, wooden stools, and sitting benches help give it a natural look.

This pergola will be perfect for barbeque afternoons with your friends.

Patio cover:

Related image

A patio cover is a term given to a specific type of roof that is attached to an already existing permanent structure like a house or garage.

The roofing material is usually designed to blend in with the rest of the building and is usually a solid structure held by pillars.

It basically functions as an extension of the house, providing an open entertainment space for your outdoor living area.

Patio covers also help reduce indoor cooling costs by providing shade to nearby windows.


Have you been dreaming with those European piazza styles lately? You can bring this dream into reality by adding this wooden decking, wrought iron deck railings, and streetlight ambiance to your outdoor area.

Enjoy your weekend brunch with your friends in this elegant and romantic outdoor area.


Recreating a wonderful patio does not have to be limited to dwellers of rural areas. You can enjoy this traditional decking experience by incorporating wooden floors in your balcony.

This will help you enjoy more views, more comfort, and make your home feel more spacious and airy.

exquisite outdoor area design

Here is another exquisite outdoor recreation area in your backyard. This wooden patio features a beautiful sitting area, dining area with a BBQ, and a flat-screen TV for all those sports’ events with your friends.

It even has an outdoor bathtub area for those special nights. This will take your outdoor experience to a whole new level.

Epic Backyard Pergola Covers and Patio Covers Ideas 3

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