10 Fabulous Tyre Planters Ideas To DIY

With the single-use plastic epidemic, everyone is wondering what they can do to recycle, or better yet, upcycle anything they can get their hands on.

From plastic bottles to plastic bags, to plastic cutlery, many things that are often destined for the landfill can come in handy if you give it enough thought and time. 

Tyres are scrapped at a rate of 1.1 tyre/person/year leading to over 300 million tyres scrapped per year.

Landfill space is becoming more and more scarce as tyres do not biodegrade and have significant negative space, so just as we think about recycling single-use plastic, why not consider doing the same for used tyres?

tyre planters

The perfect use for any used tyre you may come across is as a planter. This is why we’ve prepared for you a list of 10 Tyre Planters using DIY Instructions. 

As we near the beginning of the long-awaited spring and bid chilly winter winds goodbye, those of us blessed with a green thumb start waking up from their seasonal hibernation, equipped with their shovels, forks, and rakes, ready to take on their garden.

If you happen to be one of these people, think about bringing along a couple of old tyres and we’ll tell you exactly how to use them to turn your little understated garden into a blossoming wonderland. 

Just take a quick glimpse at the following instructions to rediscover your passion for nurturing and growing all sorts of different plants and crops. 

1- Flower Teacups 

A really cute idea would be to make your tyre planters look like cute little teacups. It’ll definitely be a nice showpiece for your garden.

All you have to do is stack two tyres on top of one another, preferably the smaller one would be on the bottom, but if you have two identical ones, it should still work.

Then carve out a handle from any piece of extra rubber or plastic that you may have laying around. 

All that’s left to do is attach the handle, and get to decorating.

For that, you can use whichever paint color is more suited to your garden. Patterns and other decorations would work great as well! 

2- Frog Tyre Planter

This is a perfect idea if you have a bunch of mismatched different size tyres. You’ll need 5 tyres, two smaller than the other three.

Place the three big tyres horizontally in the shape of a pyramid, and the one on top of that, place (or stick) the two smaller ones vertically.

You can then start decorating, first by painting it green, and then adding the necessary decorations to make it look like the picture above. 

3-  Blooming Tyre Planter  

If you want your planter to reflect the hopefully blooming flower that will be planted in it, all you have to do is follow these easy steps.

Place your tyre horizontally and trace medium-sized circles around the inner rim so that they’re all the same size, and all touch.

Cut out the butter outline and open up each half-circle to reveal a beautiful blooming flower.

Feel free to then decorate using paint or other household items

 4-  Tyre Garden Retaining Wall

For larger garden spaces, we suggest this fantastic tyre planter wall.

10 Fabulous Tyre Planters Ideas To DIY 3

All you have to do is get your tyres and place them horizontally one on top of the other in a pyramid shape making sure there is as little overlap as possible in order to leave space for your plants.

10 Fabulous Tyre Planters Ideas To DIY 4

You can then choose to leave it just like that with a more rustic look, or paint over and decorate them. 

5- Wishing Well Tyre Planters

For those of you with little ones at home, this DIY planter is the best way to get them involved as well.

What’ you’ll need are three tyres, some paint, two old woodblocks, and some scraps of plastic roofing.

10 Fabulous Tyre Planters Ideas To DIY 5

Stack your three tyres on top of each other and paint a brick wall pattern all over. You’ll then need to use your wooden sticks to prop up your roofing material.

All you need to do next is plant your flowers and you’ve got yourself a wishing well planter made of old tyres.

 6- Hanging Tyre Planter

This idea isn’t too dissimilar from a tyre swing, except it’s vertical instead of horizontal.

All you need to do is find a high beam and loop some rope around it, you then need to secure your tyre using both ends of the rope and there you have it.

If you wish to paint over the tyre, it would be wiser to do it before setting up your planter. The finished product should look something like this: 

10 Fabulous Tyre Planters Ideas To DIY 6