Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids

Researchers concluded that kids need some time outside the house to play and do some physical activities.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 1

Outdoor games are beneficial compared to video games or mobile games.

The kids learn a lot of skills from outdoor games. They learn to socialize and interact with other kids rather than interacting with their parents or teachers only. However, coming up with game ideas can take a lot of time and thinking.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 2

This is why you will discover some fun game ideas that can be played outdoors or in the garden, which will save you time and effort.

Mother May I

Mother May I, is a game that requires the mother to stand with her back turned and grants or denies requests to move forward.

The game works perfectly with kids who don’t know the inherent unfairness of this game. The mother knows everyone by voice even if her back turned.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 3

She also has the ability to choose the winner. The game is very helpful to make kids practice counting.

Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone

In Doggy Doggy where’s your bone, a child should play the role of the dog and turn around while someone take his “bone”.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 4

It does not need to be a real, a plastic bone or toy bone is sufficient. When the kid who plays the dog turns around, the other kids try to look guilty. The doggy must guess who stole the bone. For the little children, let them think and guess who’s the person who took the bone.

The person who gets caught will play the doggy, but if you play with older kids, try to make the game difficult by limiting the guesses.

Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunt checklists are available online. But, making them on your own is very beneficial. You have the ability to customize it to your garden or yard.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 5

In the process of creation, you can involve older kids, which teaches them to make their own games and be creative.

You can take this outdoor game to the next level with the book “ Treasure and Scavenger Hunts: How to plan, create and give them!”.

Crayon rubbings

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 6

This game demands peeling an old crayon, then taking a sheet of paper. Set the paper on a surface with an interesting texture, then rub the crayon over the paper.

The various shapes colors, will allow the kids to create their own design, and become creative.

Capture the flag

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 7

One of the classic outdoor games that requires a large group of kids. The official rules and twists of the game are available in the US scouting service project website.

The game needs two teams that attempt to capture each other’s flags without getting caught on the territory of the other team. The game could be played by items that could be found around the house.

For an easy access, Outdoor classics box, created by MindWare, includes flags, beanbags, a metal can and other simple items that make the game simple.

Hide and go seek

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 8

The best age for this game is when the kids are in grade school, but with the help of the parents, younger kids could join the game.

The game requires one person to be the IT who would count to whatever the number agreed on by the participants, and the other kids should hide. The last person found would play the IT the next game.

Ghosts in the graveyard

Ghost in the graveyard is available in different rule variations. It’s one of the most popular outdoor games in the neighborhoods.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 9

The person who plays the ghost should hide while the others count from 1 o’clock to midnight. After that, the kids link arms and walk around the house while chanting “Star light, star bright, hope I see a ghost tonight” until the ghost appears.

When the ghost appears, it becomes a game of tag. The ghost must tag someone before they go back to the safety zone. The first person tagged or the last person to safety should play the ghost in the next game.

Simon Says

Simon should tell the other participants what they need to do using the phrase “ Simon Says”. When he does not use the phrase and one of the players does what he said, they are eliminated from the game.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 10

The last player who remains, play as Simon the next game. This outdoor game is not only for kids, but also for adults, the speed and difficulty must be increased in case of adult players.

The game is a great way to teach kids to learn how to follow directions.

Michelangelo’s Madhouse

The person who plays as Michelangelo should take each one of the players by hands and spins around with them numerous times before letting them go.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 11

The player must freeze as he lands. The kids can fall as they like. When the players freeze like statues, Michelangelo tries to make the players laugh without touching them.

The first one to laugh or giggle plays Michelangelo the next game.

Mother Says

Similar to Mother May I, Mother Says requires the mother to say something like “ Mother Says each child who has a T-shirt take 3 steps towards me, but the player should ask permission to move. The players can see how the mother can cheat for her friend.

Dodge Ball

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 12

The main goal of this outdoor game is hitting the opponents with the ball while avoiding being hit by the ball.

In case you catch the ball thrown at you, the thrower is eliminated.

The game has some rules like not aiming at the head, because it’s a fast paced game.

Make sure to teach the kids how to play so that the game is safe and no one gets injured.


The game needs a bouncy ball. Players try to make shots, and the one who makes a basket, the players should make a basket from the same spot as him.

If someone does not get a basket, he gets a letter, then the one who gets HORSE first is eliminated.

Fun Garden & Outdoor Games Ideas for your Kids 13