The Complete Guide to Growing Moss Indoors

If you’re a gardening fan then you must have had thousands of ideas of how you can make your home garden stand out. It has a lot of benefits on you and your health, and is also a great idea for natural decoration, growing moss indoors will create an amazing view in your indoor space.

This is why a lot of people decide to go for moss for internal decoration. Its natural green color will give your home a fascinating look that will lighten up your entire house, making you the house on the block that really stands out.

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to go for growing moss indoors, mainly thanks to how it makes you feel like you are inside a jungle that has trees covered with moss.

Growing Moss

Growing moss indoors in a terrarium is a very beautiful and easy way of creating a small forest inside your home.

you can definitely count on to add a lot of beauty to it, and make you feel like you aren’t surrounded by 4 walls.

Enough talk and let’s discover together how you can make an indoor moss terrarium yourself!

How to Grow Indoor Moss

For one thing, this isn’t going to be a difficult task to complete. Instead, it could be a great bonding activity to do with your partner or kids, everyone will be able to  participate and enjoy their time.

Moss Indoors

Follow these steps and you will be done faster than you think, as well as have a lot of fun doing so!

Pick a Wide Container

First thing you’re going to have to do is pick a glass container that is wide and shallow, an even better choice would be to use either a mason jar with a lid, or a wide terrarium jar.

When it comes to size, all you should consider is how much space you have in your room, as well as the budget you’re running on.

Fill The Terrarium Jar

Start by making the bottom layer of the terrarium jar. You can fill it with rocks and pebbles, as it helps with proper drainage and makes it impossible for a swamp to be created at the bottom of the jar.

Growing Moss Indoors

After that, put a handful of granulated charcoal on top of the pebbles, these can be found in pet stores or aquarium stores.


Now it’s time for the soil.

On top of the granulated charcoal, add 2 inches of potting soil to the mix. Make sure you push the soil down to make for a good base to allow the moss to grow in. Using a mister or a sprayer, mist the soil up with some clear water.

Add Tree Branches

This is the time when you should add tree branches on top of everything you’ve put so far. You can also use rotten barks or pine needles.

Growing Moss In terrarium

These are very important for the moss’s growth as they allow it to grow at a much faster rate.

Of course, these don’t have to be just thrown around randomly, you can use your artistic senses to make for something beautiful that will remind you of how forests and jungles look.

Collect Moss Sheets

If there are any woodlands near you, you can go there and start collecting some sheets of moss to use in your indoor terrarium.

In case you live in an urban area and don’t have the luxury of finding moss near you, it shouldn’t be all that big a problem. You can instead go online and shop for some cheap moss kits.

Either that or you can head to your nearest garden center or shop and buy yourself some moss.

Arrange Moss Sheets

Moss growing Indoors

The moss sheets should be arranged on top of the rocks, barks, and sticks that are inside your new terrarium. What’s important is that you push the moss firmly into the rocks and soil to make sure it is well attached to them.

Moss Care

Moss shouldn’t be watered too much, as it can survive without that. Always use a sprayer to water it instead of just pouring water over it.

Make sure the terrarium isn’t under direct sunlight for too long during the day. Most moss only need a few hours of sunlight every day for them to grow properly.

Growing Moss wall Indoors

When it comes to fertilizers, you’re in the clear on this one. Moss doesn’t need any fertilizers whatsoever, so just water it properly and watch it grow.


It’s not that hard to turn your beautiful home into an even better-looking place by growing moss indoors. your house will turn into a beautiful relaxing area that everyone is going to fall in love with.

We hope this article was beneficial for you and we wish you best of luck with your moss garden.