How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro

Competent and high-quality watering is required for any type of plant. This process is very laborious and carries the maximum responsibility for the growth of plantings. 

The technological breakthrough of our time is a huge number of automated devices that make life easier for any gardener and gardener due to uninterrupted watering. 

But this requires a constant supply of energy and the mandatory presence of a water supply. Unfortunately, not every site can boast of equipping the indicated benefits of civilization, so the ordinary watering can have remained the gardener’s most used tool.

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A watering can as a garden item is known to every child.

This element of gardening equipment consists of a pot-bellied vessel and a spout through which water is evenly distributed over the area necessary for irrigation. 

It is used for watering garden plants and a vegetable garden, which not every technique can implement. The device is suitable for summer cottages and private houses.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 2

In fact, the construction of the watering can is pretty simple. The vessel can be presented in any shape and with any volume. The spout can also be made in a variety of shapes, for example, tapered or tapered. 

And the handle of the product basically does not change its appearance. On models with a large volume, the handles are located on the upper side of the vessel, small models are equipped with a side handle.

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Whoever says anything about modern technical progress, but the ordinary garden watering can has several advantages, making it clear that this is the most important item in the household.

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  • Its design allows you to measure the required volume of liquid distributed over the garden bed. It guarantees economical water consumption and a delicate attitude to the plant.
  • With the help of a garden, watering can, you can water any plants, even those that are extremely difficult to reach with the modernized hose.
  • The watering can is the most mobile in comparison with its fellows in the watering business. There is no need to connect it to the pipeline, it is not so difficult to draw water into it.

You can use a barrel of rainwater and even scoop up liquid from any nearby body of water.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 5

Watering Can Specifications

Today, manufacturers of garden tools offer customers models of watering cans made of different materials – metal and plastic. Each individual variety has a number of advantages and some disadvantages. 

Before making a choice in favor of a particular design, you should get to know each representative of watering can in more detail.

The general name of the metal watering can implies the use in the production of various metals.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 6

It can be galvanized steel or regular sheet metal. It is quite easy to distinguish them, it is enough to look with the naked eye at the offered product.

Galvanized models have a natural shine of metal. But the hand sprinkler, made of sheet iron, is always painted as a protective cover against corrosion.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 7

But unfortunately, such processing cannot completely protect the device from rusting. After a certain time, from the combination of water and metal, the watering can leak and flow. 

The most vulnerable spots in metal watering cans are the connecting seams. Despite the strong welding, it is in these parts that the first holes mostly occur. But if such problems appear, the metal structure can be repaired, for example, by making an additional seam.

The plastic model, unfortunately, cannot be repaired; it will need to be replaced with a new one.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 8

Another drawback that a metal sprinkler has is its weight. The device, made of metal, already has a large mass, and if you pour water into it to the maximum level, the watering can will become physically unmanageable.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 9

Against the background of metal devices, a plastic watering can may seem very preferable, but this is only at first glance. Many gardeners quite often faced the problem of deformation of the irrigation device, and all due to excess weight of water and changes in climatic temperature.

In the production of these products, different types of plastic are used. It can be polypropylene and polyethylene. Polypropylene is exposed to an external negative factor. 

The deformation of this material occurs even from direct sunlight. It follows from this that you should not give your preference to such watering cans. Polyethylene, in turn, is the highest quality material and is much more reliable in terms of technical progress.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 10

In order not to be mistaken and to be able to distinguish between polypropylene and polyethylene products in the store, it should be remembered that products made of polypropylene are marked with the letters PP, and the polyethylene material is underlined with the letters HDPE.

Next, you should pay attention to the size of the watering cans. Of course, the model is selected individually for each person, but as a universal watering device that will be used by all family members, you should pay attention to the volume. 

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It is very easy for a healthy and physically strong man to carry a 10 or 12 liter container in his hands, but it is best for a woman to use models with a maximum volume of 9 liters. 

The most acceptable diameter of the spout should be 2.5 cm, otherwise, the water pressure will be very strong, accordingly, watering will be done carelessly.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 12

Additional Equipment for the Watering Can

When buying a garden watering can, experienced sales consultants advise you to immediately purchase additional nozzles. Of course, not all buyers pay attention to these tips, and only when faced with watering, they realize that they should have listened to the seller. 

On the one hand, a nozzle is not required for watering large bushes. A steady flow of water will moisturize the soil, thereby nourishing the plants. And on the other hand, if watering should take place on young plantings or on seedlings, then you cannot do without a nozzle. 

The most acceptable addition in this matter is the showerheadThe diameter of each individual hole in it is a maximum of 1.5 millimeters. With such a thin watering, the earth will not creep, and the plants will not receive any damage.

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The range of nozzles for garden watering cans is very wide. Each gardener will be able to choose the most suitable option for an additional accessory, the main thing is to know the exact diameter of the spout.

  • It is important to remember that before starting work, the nozzle must be tightly fixed. If the accessory breaks off during watering, then there is a possibility of ruining the planting, exposing the roots with a sharp and strong stream of water.
How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 14
  • It is best to choose nozzles with removable strainers, they are quite easily removed from the general structure and washed.
  • As for the pricing policy, the attachments are not considered an expensive item, and it is best to stock up on several pieces at once, since they are very small and can be lost.

How to Choose the Best Watering Can?

Having learned about the main types of watering cans from garden tools and their features, you can proceed to the direct selection of the required model.

How To Choose a Watering Can Like a Pro 15
  • You should carefully examine your favorite watering can. There should be no cracks or even minimal gaps on the product body. When choosing a metal unit, it is important to carefully check the seams. As everyone knows, a poorly welded seam can give a slight leak.
  • It is required to carefully consider the proposed attachments. Any greenery, for example, dill or parsley, should be watered exclusively with the scattering nozzles. A strong stream of water will only wash away the garden, and the plants will die. In order not to look for additional accessories, it is best to pay attention to models with sets of attachments.
  • Special attention should be paid to the design of the watering can spout. It should be located as close to the base of the liquid container as possible.
  • If there is a need to know the exact volume of the liquid used, you should choose models with divisions on the body. For the convenience of viewing the remaining water, the watering can not be dark colors, the best option is white, beige or yellow.
Watering Can
  • The volume of the vessel is an important consideration when choosing a suitable model. Watering cans of 10 or 12 liters are suitable only for physically strong gardeners. For representatives of mature age, models up to 8 liters are best suited.
  • Use minimum containers for watering outdoor garden pots. It is convenient for them to scoop up water and raise them higher than their height.

Mainly representatives of the older generation are engaged in cultivation of vegetable gardens and orchards. Since they are not athletic, it is best to consider watering cans up to 5 liters. And place large barrels throughout the site to collect rainwater, so that at any time you can come up and scoop up water for irrigation.

Recently, sets consisting of several watering cans and nozzles have become very popular. They differ in volume and size, the smallest one is suitable for watering indoor plants, but the medium and large ones are suitable for working in the garden and in the garden.