How to Cut Down a Small Tree Like an Expert?

There is an important question that comes before asking this one: How to cut down a small tree? the question that we should ask is: Why some people want to cut down a small tree?

Cutting down a tree should be considered as the last option because taking down a tree, even a small one, has implications for people and wildlife.

If you still have other alternatives to taking down a tree go for them instead of the cutting down option.

But sometimes people have only one option which is cutting down. for example, a tree has been diseased or damaged and could fall on a road, on a path or on a house, sometimes the tree’s roots grow nearby buildings causing subsidence in the walls of the buildings.

Cutting down trees can be a little of a hassle for some, if not all people. It is a hard task I agree, but with the right tools in hand, it doesn’t have to be very difficult.

Other than just that, cutting down a tree without knowing how to, or without using the right equipment can also be quite dangerous.

why people cut down trees

Your safety during this process is important that’s why you need to do your research before you begin this process, or better yet, even hire a professional to do it for you.

It will save you a lot of time and energy, and make it a lot safer for you since you never have to be in contact with any cutting machinery.

But, since you’re here you’ve already decided to do it yourself, which we encourage, the first few times may be a little hard, but you’ll soon get used to things.

Before you get started in cutting down a tree, no matter how small it is, there are a few safety precautions that you need to be aware of. Let’s break them down for you!



cut down a small tree safely

There are certain clothing items that you need to have if you’re going to cut down a tree. These clothing items are especially made to keep you safe in case something goes wrong.

The clothes include:

  • Leather Boots w/ Ankle Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Face Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Leg Protection

Saw Check

Once you’ve got that in check, it’s time to make sure the tools you’re using are safe, too!

You need to check your saw and make sure the following list is available, and functioning properly:

  • Chain Catch
  • Chain Brake
  • Sparkle Muffler
  • Throttle Lock
  • Well-Maintained Overall Saw
How to cut down a small tree


Another important thing you should prepare includes knowing your surroundings.

This means that you should know where the tree is going to fall, be aware if anything is above you and thus risk falling on top of you.

And you need to clear at least 2 escape routs that are positioned 45° degrees from the direction of the fall of the tree.

This is very important as you might have to act quickly when there is no time to think of which direction to go.

Tree Fall

Once you’ve got all of that covered, it’s time to think of where the tree is going to fall. It needs to be done correctly, or the tree might fall somewhere where you don’t want it to fall.

You have got to clear out a lot of space for it, make sure there aren’t any cars parked around, and most importantly there aren’t any children running around at the time of cutting down the tree.

How to cut down a small tree properly

You also might consider clearing out any crowds watching you cut down the tree since a lot of people like to watch this type of activity.

Now that everything is covered and you’re ready to face the tree, let’s get to the actual tutorial.

How to Cut Down a Small Tree?

Clear Your Surroundings

After you calculate where the tree is going to fall, you need to clear that area out.

You need to also make sure the tree doesn’t fall on another tree that is nearby, this can risk both killing a healthy tree in the process of cutting down one, and can risk that the other tree falls down in an unexpected direction.

Clearing out any and all debris around the base of the tree is also just as important.

Cut at a Comfortable Height

How to cut down a small tree in comfortable height

You don’t have to squat down and make your first cut very low on the tree.

You can start your cut at a comfortable height, anywhere a little above your hip is sure to feel natural and not cause a lot of trouble.

After you’ve cut down the tree, you can then add another cut lower so that you can remove the tree altogether.

You have to make sure you’ve got a good grip on your chainsaw, so that it doesn’t slip or do any unexpected move. This can be a lot more dangerous than you think.

Cut a Wedge the Same Side the Tree Will Fall

How to cut down tree

Your initial cut should always be horizontal, and about half through the tree. After that, you need to make a second cut, slightly above the first, about 60 degrees going downward.

Keep cutting until the two cuts meet at the half of the tree’s width. This is what will give you a wedge-like shape cut out of the tree.

Make Another Cut on the Opposite Side

How to cut down a small tree easily

After you make the second cut, don’t stand on either sides of the cuts, it is better if you are neither under the felling area, nor you are on the opposite side.

This is important because the tree may fall in either directions, and you don’t want to be there when that happens.

On the other side of tree, and a few inches above the first horizontal cut that you’ve made, make a slice using a chainsaw. But make sure the cut isn’t deep enough to meet the other cuts.

After you do this, the tree will have separated from its base, and it will start to fall down from its own weight.

If it doesn’t automatically fall down, push it hard from the side in which you just made the last cut. It should then break and fall easily. (See picture below!)

How to cut down a small tree push it

Cut the Stump

Now that the tree is down, all left to do is for you to cut the rest of the tree, which is cutting down all the way to the stump.

How to cut down a small tree

There are many ways to remove a tree stump, you can remove it using a grinder, ax, burn it, or using chemical tree stump remover. check this simplified guide to remove a tree stump.

But if you don’t want to remove it you can turn the left tree stump into stunning decorations for your garden, here you can find amazing ideas to reuse a tree stump and turn your garden into a wonderland.

And you’re done! We hope that now you know how to cut down a small tree and this wasn’t very hard for you and that you’ve had a lot of fun doing it, we know how fun it can be!