How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily

As part of the lily family, stargazer lily is the most famous of this flower variety. Its decorative nature and fragrance rank it as the most popular type of lilies that come in various colors.

Stargazer lily is a new addition to this family as it is a hybrid between the Asiatic and the Oriental lily, and was only introduced in the 1970’s.

Unlike the rest of the lily family, stargazer lily flowers always rise upward and usually face the sky which is why they are called their name. 

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All That You Should Know About Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies can usually be planted in early spring, and it will flower from mid- to late-summer, making their blooming season one of the main reasons they are in demand.

In addition, they have a fast growth rate which helps present them as the main flower in the garden. These lilies are tall enough to be planted in the middle or back row of the garden and serve as its focal point with its elegance, size, smell and vibrant colors.

How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily 1

This lily variety also makes great for cut flowers, that is why many florists will prefer carrying them. Even though it is a hybrid and has only been introduced relatively new to the floral trade, it soon became the main flower for gardeners and their focal addition for flower beds.

They are usually included as center stage when preparing a floral arrangement as they stand out and make any bouquet perfect. 

If this beautiful flower is not part of your garden already, then you need to make it your next gardening project. It is a low maintenance perennial flower, which means that as long as it is planted in the right conditions, it will flower each year once planted.

How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily 2

Its sweet exotic scent will fill your garden, and exquisite colors will catch your eye every time. You are a few steps away from brightening your garden and indoors. It may seem like a daunting task, but this gravity-defying large flower is easier to grow than you think.

You only need a little instruction and a few tips and you too can add this beauty to your landscape. This article discusses everything you need to know about planting and caring for stargazer lilies.

Growing Stargazer Lily

The first thing to consider when planting this flower is choosing the right spot that receives partial to full sun exposure and no winds.

An ideal spot would be one that is completely sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon. The soil needs to be well-drained and fertile, but not too wet or your bulbs would rot.

You can buy your bulbs in the spring from a good garden center or online trade, try to choose ones that are good sized and rot-free. 

How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily 3

We recommend you use mulching before planting the lilies so your soil can hold moisture in and keep the roots cool and nurturing. Plant your bulbs in a hole around 5 inches (12.7 cm) deep and at least twice its width.

Space your flowers about 10 inches (25.4 cm) apart. Cover the bulbs entirely with soil, water carefully and allow their growth. You can also plant your bulbs in containers, in that case, select ones that are 6.5″ inches (16.51 cm) in diameter.

Refrain from using unglazed clay pots to provide good drainage. Consult your garden center for the most adequate soil mixture for your lilies. Plant your bulbs, cover well with soil, and water gently. 

Caring for Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies don’t require much care once they are planted. They grow equally well in containers or in the ground.

How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily 4

You will need to regularly water your bulbs so they don’t go dry. Ideally, you will need to install a drip irrigation system so you maintain moisture in your soil. Refrain from spraying your flowers head-on as this may damage the blossoms. 

For fertilizing, you may want to incorporate it in the process in early spring if desired. However, it is possible to grow beautiful lilies without any fertilizers depending on the soil type. If you do choose to fertilize, do so from early spring until they are done blooming.

We advise you to use compost instead of commercial fertilizers so it helps your soil retain water and maintain good drainage.

In case you choose to go with commercial fertilizer, we recommend a good amount of 10-10-10 fertilizer in the early spring after shoots have come out, then water well afterward.

Since flowers form bulbs necessitate different care than seed flowers, you will need to pay attention to their blooming time. When finished blooming, de-attach the blossoms but allow the leaves to stay on the plant.

When the leaves turn brown, this is a sign that the bulb has finished transferring all of its energy back down to the ground in preparation for the next bloom. That’s the right time in which you can trim the stems and leaves away, so they can send up new stems from the bulb each spring.

This flower is a unique addition to all types of gardens; consider combining it with roses, Gypsophila, Phlox paniculata and many other flowers. 


How to Grow and Care for Stargazer Lily 5
  • You may want to pay attention to your cats hanging around these lilies as they are poisonous for them. It can cause them to vomit or even pass away, so keep your felines away. 
  • You may want to dress in appropriate gardening clothes when handling lilies, as their pollen can stain anything they touch. 
  • When planting your bulbs, make sure the soil is free of any rocks, weeds, or any unwanted materials. 
  • Stargazer lilies attract lots of insects like butterflies and hummingbirds. However, if you observe any beetles around your plant, you may want them off as the insects can severely damage the flower.
  • Do not water your bulbs excessively as it could attract pests such as slugs. In this case, fill a container with beer and leave it around the lilies. This will attract pests and drown them.   
  • To prolong the life of a stargazer lily bouquet when displaying it in a vase, remove its pollen. 
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