How to Take Geranium Cuttings & Grow Them Indoors

Geraniums are known to be outdoor plants, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take their cuttings and plant them indoors to enjoy their beauty, through this read you will learn how to take geranium cuttings and grow them indoors

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But before you do that, there are a few things you need to know about this plant.

Geranium Houseplants

Before we get to how you can plant his plant inside your home, you need to first know that there exist a few different types of this plant, and each have different characteristics to it.

The Zonal Geranium is the most common variety of this plant that you’ll see most often.

This plants has flowers that come in a variety of colors, including white, red, pink, salmon, lavenders, and even more.

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A different variety that you’ll likely see is the Ivy Leaf Geraniums. These can have waxier leaves that are trailing in habit and flower in a whole variety of colors.

There are other types of this plant that aren’t very tolerant to heat such as the Washington Geranium.

You can also find some Geranium plants that are known for their wonderful scent, which is basically the whole reason why people plant them in the first place. Some of them smell like rose, cinnamon, lemon, and a lot of other scents as well.

How to Grow Geranium Indoors

When you want to grow this plant indoors there are a few things you should keep in mind, and a few steps to go through if you want to do it the right way.

How to Take Geranium Cuttings & Grow Them Indoors 2

How to take Geranium Cuttings

Step 1

Cut the geranium plant by two thirds, aiming directly above a lateral bud. These stem tips should make the basis of your cuttings.


Step 2

Thin out the spindly, wimpy stems, making sure you leave seven or good ones to grow on. This is if you want to keep the mother plant.

Take geranium cuttings and grow them

After that, pot them on while surrounding them with new, nutrient-rich multi-purpose pot compost.

Step 3

Take the best-looking Geraniums cuttings and cut them into 4 inch sections. If some of them don’t have plenty of shoots or nodes, then just go ahead and discard them.

Step 4

Strip almost all the leaves from the stem in every section of the Geraniums cuttings leaving only the top pair.

how to take geranium cuttings

If any tips look like they are going to develop into flowering shoots, pinch them out.

Step 5

Put the Geranium cuttings in about a quarter of their depth into a gritty mix of compost. You can square bulb trays for cuttings, they look good and you can fit lots of cuttings in them and still make them spaced out and evenly apart.

How to Take Geranium Cuttings & Grow Them Indoors 3

If you have a heated base, put them on one. Or you can store them somewhere that is bright, but cool to make sure the compost stays moist at all times.

Steps 6

Within a month, your Geranium cuttings should have rooted, thus the can then be potted on. You should plant three to a large pot if you want yourself a great tumble of flowers and leaves.

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They should quickly grow and look as if they’re one bumper-size plant that is healthy, floriferous, and good looking.

Things to Keep in Mind


Make sure your plants get anything from 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day.

Soil & Watering

Geraniums grow best in a light, loamy potting mix that is well-drained.

How to Take Geranium Cuttings & Grow Them Indoors 5

Let it dry out good in between waterings.


Geraniums prefer cold weather. During the day they should be in 65 to 70 F. At night, 55 F is ideal.


Fertilize the Geraniums during the growing season. You can use time-release fertilizers or all-purpose liquid fertilizer at half strength once every month.

Do not feel pressured. We brought you all the information you will need to know about lawn fertilization.

geranium fertlizer

Pot Size & Pruning

Don’t overpot these plants. And make sure you prune back any leggy canes and pinch back the growing tips if you want to have a bushier plant.


Geraniums aren’t all that hard to plant indoors if you know what you’re doing. But, if you don’t and you’re just beginning your journey in gardening, we hope this article has helped you a lot and showed you what and what not you should do.

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