This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump

Deciding on getting rid of a plant part from your field is a tough call. There are pros and cons to tree stump removal, but most experts will agree: if you’re going to go the removal route it is best to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Perhaps you’ve recently had a damaged tree removed from your yard and now want to remove the remaining roots. Or maybe you’ve had an existing stump on your lawn for years and are now looking to update your landscaping.

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 1

In order to get rid of the unsightly stump, several options exist but you will need to choose the most suitable one for you.

You can either remove it up by hand, use a grinder, burn it, or use a chemical stump remover. Choose the tactic that works best for the foundation system you are handling.

For a successful removal project, you need to gather all of the required tools, know what you should before removing the stump and general tips to make the process stress and tree-free.

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 2

Required Tools for This Tree Stump Removal Project

When getting rid of a tree stump, there are various methods to choose from and for each one its own tools. You will need to choose the best one according to your need and budget. Below each method is explained along with the required materials to use:

Manual Method

If you opt for manual tree stump removal, use a mattock, a shovel, and an ax. A mattock has a broad end for digging and a sharpened end for slicing. Of course, different folks have different preferences for tools and different experience levels with tools (and you can never have too many good tools around for a job like this), so here are a few more supplies:

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 3
  • Digging bar, one end of which is sharpened and can be used to chop through roots. This tool can also help you pry out a small stump once you’ve loosened it sufficiently.
  • Small bow saw. Use this to chop roots you’ll have hassle reaching with the pickaxe.
  • Large bow saw, as an alternative to an ax. This is a safer tool to use than Associate in Nursing ax
  • Steel-toed boots and gloves.

Chemical Method

This method is essentially a way to hasten the natural processes that would eventually break down the stump anyhow–even if you did not lift a finger. But nature’s plant structure removal technique is very slow.

To hurry the removal along, you’ll be supplying two ingredients in unnatural quantities to speed up the rotting process: nitrogen and water. Tree stump removal can still be slow, however, it’s an improvement over nature. Needed supplies:

  • Drill
  • Plastic tarp
  • Garden mulch
  • Gas-powered chainsaw, electric chainsaw or battery-powered chainsaw

Burning Method

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 4

There is a plant structure removal product known as “Stump-Out” that is alleged to break down the wood fiber of stumps, going them porous. It comes in powder form, which is absorbed by the wood rapidly.

After the porous wood is soaked with kerosine and kindled, it’ll burn away. The flame eventually becomes a low, smoldering flame. If the employment of kerosine and flame is appropriate to you, this is often another low cost and straightforward choice for plant structure removal.

Before removing the tree stump

Some stumps are easier to get rid of than others and thus completely different techniques are often applied. Being ready sooner than time and knowing those techniques and strategies to use that kind of job can build things a lot easier for you within the long-standing time.

For example, conifer stumps tend to be easier to get rid of than stumps from deciduous trees. The roots of pine trees tend to be wide, flat and comparatively shallow whereas deciduous tree stumps’ roots tend to be long and deep.

What makes a stump easier to remove? Generally, the age and size of the tree stump are the most effective indicators of stump removal issue. Simply put, the older a stump is, the better it’s to get rid of. Likewise, tiny stumps are easier to get rid of than massive ones.

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 5

Another smart factor to keep in mind before selecting a stump removal methodology is to think about the entire variety of stumps that require to be removed.

You’ll need to remove all debris that surrounds the stump before you get to work with any tools to remove a stump. You do not want to step on anything or limit where you can move with the equipment, such as tripping on tree branches that should have been removed.

One less thing to trip over also means that you’ll be safe when wielding tools that can cause some serious damage.

If you think that removing a tree stump is not a good idea try these stunning tree stump ideas that you can DIY and reuse this stump.

This is How You Can Easily Remove a Tree Stump 6