7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY

For a consisting look, every garden needs a fence, but not everyone can afford to build an extremely expensive one. Therefore, most people opt to recycle materials, old/unused objects to cut down the costs, as well as support the environment.

Making your own fence is free, durable and unique. Maybe you wanna dig in your house and look for plastic bottles, old boards or even broken tires, as they can and surely will come in handy to your fence project.

We will be featuring a bewildering range of fence ideas from recycled objects, that you will certainly have at home.

These ideas will enhance your home aesthetic look and will make people wonder about its origins. All you need are the recycled objects, and some imagination and you’re ready to make the most aesthetic fence according to your taste!

Corrugated metal

Corrugated metal has been always a friendly material to use for roofs, doors, or cages. It became popular in the making of modern buildings and contemporary houses, as they can be used in unconventional ways.

As a backyard fence, corrugated metal is a cost-effective, maintenance-free and will last for years. Moreover, it is weather-resistant and easy to recycle.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 1

But before building a corrugated metal fence, you should keep the following ideas in mind. Firstly, sink your fence posts to at least 18 inches into the ground, and be sure it’s safe to dig in the area of installation.

Next, make sure to have the city approval for your privacy fence. You must follow the rules, such as keeping fence height under 8 feet. Once you are permitted to build your fence, choose a design and start your project.

All you should do is to decide where you need the fence, collect some wooden pallets, nail them up around the yard and give it a simple whitewash.

Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets have been lately used a lot in making beds, tables and chairs. And if you like them/ or have extra ones, you can definitely use them as a fence in order to have a simple and decorative look.

To make it look more appealing, you can decorate the space around with some flowery plants, and maybe even some chairs, umbrella and a table to enjoy your evening readings.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 2

Old doors and windows

Do you have a window and door that crack and leak? That’s definitely annoying, but it won’t anymore if you use them for your fence project.

Many uses for old doors exist, you just need to find an interesting mix of doors and you’ll make an intriguing fence with lots of privacy.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 3

The process is easy, simple and is effective. Putting the windows and doors together will seem like a puzzle and will require certain modifications before you start.

First,  the doors and windows need to be sanded, then you want to get rid of any extra materials like nails and you can finally paint them.

Repurposed wine bottle fence

There are tons of ideas on how to use old wine bottles, and they can serve as a garden fence. You can simply use a wooden stick, drill in a hole underneath the bottle and insert it in the stick. Add up more bottles to have the length you need.

To have a shining look, you can use colored bottles, or color them by yourself. During daylight, the lights will reflect on the bottles and expose a shiny colorful look. While at night time, you can insert candles or lambs to give it a clear look.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 4

Bicycle wheels

Have an old bike wheel? Not sure how to use it? Then you want to consider using them to make your garden fence. Gather as many wheels as you can and loosen the bolt. Then wipe the bike rims from any dust and minerals, so the paint sticks very well.

You can choose any color, then spray it over the rims and then stick the wheels together with metal glue. You want to make sure they are solid and will last longer.

The wheel fence will definitely give a stunning and unique look to your yard.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 5

Cordwood fence

Stackwood or Cordwood fence is suitable for every backyard depending on the wood availability, your design choice and of course your budget.

It is advisable to use Cedar, cottonwood, or white pine wood as they are more reliable.  

For this project, it is necessary to use a resistant type of wood, that will last through seasons. If you are serious about making a fence, you should have a strong and sound footer, support posts and a top covering the shields the logs from any ice, water or snow.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 6

Gabion filled with empty bottles

Gabion is metal boxes usually filled with rocks or stones, often used as retaining walls or other outdoor walls.

The cages are most commonly made of stainless, galvanized or powder-coated steel mesh panels, wired together using spiral binders or ring fasteners in the shape of a rectangle.

What you don’t know is that they can also be filled with empty bottles either of glass or plastic and they give a shining look.

Using gabion has many advantages as it is easy to install, lasts a long period and of course has a unique touch.

Using recycled materials is always a good idea to protect the environment and your pocket as well.

All of the mentioned fence ideas are worth trying, low cost and needs some patience. You can also use, old plastic plates, cups, jars and cans, old chairs and many more… You just need to have a creative imagination and the right tools and get going.

Once you set up your garden fence, bring a chair, a small table and enjoy the weather outside of your garden and the shiny look of your fence.

Don’t forget to invite family and friends over to congratulate you on the achievement.

7 Environment Friendly Upcycled Garden Fence Ideas to DIY 7

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