21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard

If you have a garden that you’d like to improve, then there’s nothing better than a few fragrant perennials that’ll make everything smell, and look better.

Having these fragrant perennials in your back or front yard will make your time at home very enjoyable which will, in turn, make you want to spend a lot of time at home.

Let’s check out these flowers that you can plant at home for everyone to enjoy:

Frostproof Gardenia

21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 1

These two inches wide flowers offer a delicious scent that comes with great looks, too.

This flower blooms in the late spring up until the summer. Its leaves have medium texture and a vibrant narrow, green leaf.


21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 2
pink peonies with buds on a bush close up

This flower comes with dark, glossy, green leaves that look amazing.

This plant takes some work to keep it blooming but in the end you’ll harvest a great scent that will transform your garden into a wonderful sanctuary for non-harmful ants.


fragrant flowers

Lavender is very well known and is also very easy to plant and grow.

You can also spend very little time caring for it and you can rest assured it will last you many years. 

Other than the fact it can make your place smell very good, lavender is known for blooming up to twice a year.


fragrant perennial

This plant smells really amazing. One concern is that it can be quite invasive in some parts of the country, so it is advised you do some research before you plant it in your yard.


21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 3
Credit: Pixabay

The Agastache is one of the fragrant perennials that have tubular flowers that grow in spikes.

The unique shape will give your garden a unique look in addition to the wonderful smell.

If you put it in a sunny, or partially sunny area then it will easily grow and blossom if you provide it with a dry-enough soil.

Lily of the Valley

21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 4

This plant has a very beautiful white and sometimes pale pink flowers that are shaped like a bell. It’s also great thanks to the wonderful scent it gives out.

This plant is also one of the invasive ones, so make sure you do your homework before you decide on planting one in your home.

Bee Balm

21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 5

If you plant the Bee Balm, then be sure it will make your garden a very lively one. This is because as the name suggests, this type of fragrant perennials attracts a lot of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds alike. 

Not only is it beautiful and attracts other beautiful creatures, but it smells amazingly wonderful, too.

It’s especially a good idea to plant this flower near a window so that you can enjoy the beautiful sighting of the bees and butterflies roaming around it.


21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 6

This beautiful plant has flowers that are shaped like ball-like clusters.

It’s also one of the flowers that easily attract the beautiful bees and butterflies around it, making everything look even more beautiful.

It grows best in sunny, or partially sunny areas and requires moist soil.

Four O’clock

21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 7

The Four O’clock flower can come in many different colors, from purple, pink, yellow, red, and even more.

This flower opens up later in the day and offers a great scent, along with the beautiful, robust, cluster of flowers that are all on a single stem.

It flowers throughout the summer making the hot days smell and look wonderful.


21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 8

This one should have been mentioned first because no garden should exist without roses in it.

These old-school roses have a deep, more noticeable scent than the now-hybrid kinds.

If your garden could use a strong scent that will transport you out of this world, then you’ll never find a better option.



This flower is shaped like a trumpet and has a soft orange with a lemony-yellow throat. It has a sturdy stem on top of which the flowers grow in a cluster.

It has a very beautiful fragrance that is irresistible to most people. It will grow if you put it in both a sunny or a partially sunny area.

You should also remember that these fragrant perennials multiply very quickly and they must be contained so they don’t take over your garden. 

August lily The Queen of Fragrant Perennials

august lilly

The August Lily is very well known for its beautiful, fragrant perennials that are shaped like a trumpet.

It blooms throughout the summer which is a very good thing as it can make the days weather much more bearable.

Bearded iris

21 Stunning Fragrant Perennials for Your Backyard 9

Bearded Iris is one of the most magical and interesting flowers you can find.

These fragrant perennials can come in practically unlimited options of color, texture, pattern, and form as well.

Technically you can fill your garden with just this flower and it would still look very diverse.

The flowers have 3 large, outer petals that give out a wonderful smell and even better looks.



This flower is all in all fragrant. From the leaves, the stems, the flowers, and the roots as well.

It can grow up to 6 feet high on the ground and it grows into a dense cluster of small white to pale pink blossoms in the early days of summer.



These are hard flowers that easily grow during spring and give out an amazing scent. They’re known for having bright yellow blooms.



The Hyacinth flower also blooms during spring in dense clusters, bringing with it a great smell and colorful petals.

Sweet Rocket

Sweet Rocket

The Sweet Rocket is a plant that blooms in spring as well as summertime as well.

They require well-drained soil in sunny or partially sunny places. They bring a great scent when they bloom, and also grow to look wonderful.



These are compact, low-maintenance flowers that bloom for a very long time during the summer.

They produce purple-pink flowers that have a spicy vanilla-clove scent.



The Peonies are known as the flowers that can bloom for 100 years. Easy to bloom, the Peonies give out beautiful, fragrant flowers that bloom during the summer. They’re very attractive looking and smell amazing.

Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet

This one too has a strong, sweet smell that you can’t ignore. Blooming in late winter and early spring, the flowers require to be planted in moist soil that is in a shady, cool spot.

You can count on these to smell great and look greater.


All of these fragrant perennials are an amazing choice to have in your garden or front yard.

You can never go wrong with any of them. We hope you have found this article to be beneficial for you and your home garden.