The Full Guide To Potting Succulents & Cacti

Potting succulents and cacti container depends on your personal taste and preference.

While making your own succulent container, you will have different succulent types, textures, colors, and shapes. 

The following are some basic guidelines to follow. You can allow yourself to have an enjoyable time putting together your own piece of art.

What You Will Need To Start?

If you are new to potting succulents and cacti here are some basic things that you will need to have to get started:

The Full Guide To Potting Succulents & Cacti 1
  • Succulent plants
  • Pot or container of your choice (preferably with good drainage)
  • Cactus or succulent potting mix (suggestions on how to mix your own can be found here)
  • Window screening, paper towel, or coffee filter
  • Stones, gravel or marbles for top dressing

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Steps To Potting Succulents & Cacti

Potting succulents

Then, follow the following steps that make potting succulents easy:

1- To start with, cut a small piece of window screening, paper towel or coffee filter. This should be big enough to cover the drainage hole/holes of the pot.

This will keep your potting soil from falling out of the hole, and will allow water to drain out.  

2- Second, you’ll need to fill the bottom of the pot with potting soil, then add enough soil until it covers the top of the plant’s roots.

Potting succulents and cacti

3- After that, place your plants with their original pots into the container so that you know how much soil it will require, and to see how you want to arrange your plants.

You can place your plants this way until you achieve your desired look. You can keep them in their pots till you decide where to place them. You need to do that to avoid damaging the plants and their roots.

transplanting succulents

4- Then, once you get a general idea where you want to place your plants, you can go ahead and remove them from their original pots.

Make sure to remove your succulent plants carefully. Also, try to do this when the soil is still dry and hasn’t been watered yet, so the plant can slide out easily.

Potting cacti

Then, gently turn the plant on its side while supporting the top of it with your hand. 

Carefully, take the plant out of its original pot. If it won’t come out, try tapping the sides and bottom of the container until it budges. You better protect your hands when dealing with spiny and thorny plants, by wearing gloves, or using tongs or a piece of foam or fabric.

5- What you’ll do next is planting the succulents gently in the potting soil. You need to keep the soil at the exact same level the plant was in its original pot.

After, pack the soil gently around the plants until the plants are securely planted in the potting mix. Then, fill in the spaces between the plants and anywhere needed.

Potting succulents

6- Afterwards, you can finish off your arrangement by covering the soil. This will give your arrangement a finished look. Topdressing can also keep the soil in place when watering.

You’ll need to choose a top dressing that will match what you’re looking for. If dubious, you can choose neutral or subtle colors that would match any design. If you are going for a bolder look, choose a top dressing with contrasting colors. 

7- Once you add the top dressing, you need to dust off any potting soil that may have landed on your plants.

Potting succulents in pots

For that, you can use a soft brush to clean off the dust and debris.

8- Finally, if the potting soil is dry and the weather conditions are warm and hot, you have to water the container immediately. If the soil is wet or the plants have just been watered recently, No need to water them again. 

One more thing: Think about growing your succulents indoors in a grow tents.