The Full Guide To Pruning Burning Bushes

A burning bush is a gorgeous landscape plant, it’s very Hardy and it’s very easy to take care of.

If the lush is green, this amazing plant gives a scarlet color in spring. Generally, people plant several of them in a roll. pruning burning bushes is not difficult it only needs some basic skills to master it.

A burning bush (Euonymus alatus) needs regular pruning to control its growth. A shrub that is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 8 can grow 15 to 20 feet high and 6 to 10 feet wide. 

Knowing when and how to trim your burning bush improves the growth, health, and appearance of the bush.

Pruning Burning Bushes red

However, all of these plants need to be taken care of, so that it all looks like they belong together.

They’re best if you keep them pruned so that they are not intertwined, you’re just going to keep them a few inches separated.    

Additionally, there are two different types of burning bushes, namely the common ones that can grow up to 15 feet, and the so-called dwarf that can grow up to 6 feet.  

If you’re not conscious of how and when to prune burning bushes, don’t worry, we’ve got you!  

Burning Bushes Features

Probably everyone who has their own personal plot knows that our garden is not beautiful with flowers alone. 

There are many plants with decorative leaves, an exotic crown and other characteristic features that make them indispensable in decorating the landscape. 

One of these plants is the euonymus. This ornamental shrub has more than 200 species, but we will focus on the most beautiful of them. Meet the winged euonymus.

The winged spindle tree (Euonymus alatus) is a decorative deciduous shrub or tree. In the natural environment of the Far East grows up to 3-4 meters, in the garden – up to 2.5. It grows very slowly. 

Centenarian. Spreading openwork crown consists of tetrahedral branches. On the faces, there are cork growths, “wings” (about 5 mm), thanks to which this species got its name.

Pruning Burning Bushes

In May it blooms with yellowish inconspicuous flowers, which by the end of summer form bright raspberry four-leaved capsules with an orange seed coat in the middle. The fruits have an unusual shape and are very decorative.

But the main advantage that the winged euonymus is known for is leaves. In the summer they are saturated green, rounded-diamond-shaped, and by autumn the bush literally lights up with all shades of red and pink flowers.

What Is The Best Time For Pruning Burning Bush?

First off, burning bushes when pruned, they look much better. The exact right time for pruning burning bushes is either in early spring or late winter.

This will keep it healthy and its shape will be good-looking. Also, each year, make sure to have two major pruning sessions. 

For instance, if your burning bush is covering your window or your garage view, it needs to be pruned. Another time when you should be pruning burning bushes is when it becomes too big or when it covers other neighboring plants.

Pruning Burning Bushes

A tip on when to trim your plant is usually when it’s still young. 

What Is The Right Way To Prune Your Burning Bush?

If you notice that your burning bush is one taller than the other, they need to be pruned to achieve one unified size and look the same. And the way to do so is quite easy!

So, for that you will need:

  • Pruning shears/loppers/small hand saw
  • Hedge clippers
  • Fertilizer 

Before worrying about your plant’s shape, you need to worry about its health first. To keep your plant healthy, you need to get rid of the branches that could damage and destroy it by spreading several diseases.  

Pruning Burning Bushes

If there are dead or dying branches in your burning bush, they surely need to be removed. You can remove them by using the pruning shears. And make sure to cut them from their origin stem.

Make sure to check if there are any branches that are rubbed together, and if there’s any, cut them! 

Different Shapes of Burning Bushes

You can play with your different bush and shape them the way you like. Choose your desired shape, then by using hedge clippers, cut the branches that are out of that shape.

Burning Bushes

And to get that unified shape, cut the branches all in one unified length by using the hedge shears.  

A crucial thing to bear in mind is that the top of the bush should be thinner than the bottom in order to make a room for sun and air to pass through the roots of the plant.

Giving shape to your burning bush will give it a fresh and amazing appearance.  

When To Water The Bush?

During the first summer and spring, make sure to water your plant once a week (the soil should be saturated). And in the early spring, apply the fertilizer only one time a year. A crucial thing to consider is using a high nitrogen fertilizer

Hoping that this information was beneficial and that you will apply it to your burning bush!