Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade

Do you want to make your garden beautiful, but you don’t know which flowers to plant? Perennials are the best flowers to plant in your garden. These type of flowers became very popular in the last decade.

It’s hard to choose which perennial flower you want to plant because of the huge list of flowers. However, each of the perennial flowers has its own characteristics other than they look. Some of the flowers need a specific environment to grow.

Perennial flowers can live more than two years if you take care of them.

In this article, we will cover 5 beautiful perennials worth planting. These flowers will make your garden beautiful and enjoyable. You will not only have a beautiful garden, but also other benefits on your mental and physical state.


Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade 1

With little effort, you can grow yarrow, and without any experience. The one thing to notice is that Yarrow can endure a lot of circumstances such as heat, drought and cold. This is why Yarrow is found in almost all the United States. Yarrow appears from the late spring to the early fall.

Threadleaf Coreopsis

Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade 2

Coreopsis exists in different sizes and colors. Some of the thread leaf varieties of Coreopsis, like ‘Zagreb’ and ‘Moonbeam’, produce blankets of tiny daisy-like flowers during the summer in pink or yellow, with ferny, soft foliage.

Siberian Iris

Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade 3

In early summer, Siberian Iris adds color to the flower beds. Just like the rest of the irises, Siberian iris loves moisture, but when it establishes, this flower tolerates dry soil. The wonderful colors of Siberian Iris are blue, yellow, violet and white, and some of them are bi-colors. It doesn’t only make the garden looks beautiful, it also provides a balanced supply of cut flowers.


Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade 4

The central trumpet ( corolla) surrounded by a collar of petals (perianth) make the daffodil a lovely flower. These beautiful flowers bloom in early, mid, or late spring, and depend on the cultivar. Daffodils have different colors like white, orange, red and peach, some of the flowers have a sweet smell. In the process of growth, the narrow, strappy leaves grow before the flowers, and their size is shorter than the flower stalk.

Hardy Hibiscus

Top 5 Perennial Flowering Plants That Grow in Shade 5

Hardy hibiscus is different than the tropical perennials. These flowers have the ability to survive the winter.

Hardy hibiscus can grow 5 to 6 feet tall in a single season and produce an eye-popping show of dinner-plate-size blooms. However, these flowers die back to the ground each year. The colors of hardy hibiscus are white, red, pink and yellow while the center of each bloom is a contrasting color.

The best thing is that these beautiful flowers grow easily. They just need a sunny spot, rich and slightly moist soil. Note that hardy will grow only if the temperature of the soil is high.

Perennials are the best type of flowers to plant. Planting these flowers is easy and does not require any skills or experience in gardening.

Your garden will look beautiful and gorgeous because of the perennials. Try to plant some of these beautiful flowers, you will like it for sure.

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