Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year

Your garden is what makes your house shine and stand out, which is why you need to make sure it is shining all year round, especially during the cold winters.

The misconception that colorful gardens can only exist during spring is widespread but is also very wrong.

There are plenty of flowers, and plants that can give your garden an amazing look, especially during wintertime.

Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 1

Doesn’t matter if you’re growing your plants in a garden or in dedicated pots, both can look fascinating if properly taken care of.

Our gardening experts took the time to come up with a list of the best 9 winter plants that will add a beautiful look to your place.

Enjoy brightening up your pots with these plants:


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 2

These flowers are always the first to open in the New Year, which gives you the lovely snowy white look everyone loves. They come in 20 different species and are all similar with minor differences.

The plant symbolizes winter slowly transforming into spring, which is what many people tirelessly wait for as well. They symbolize hope; the hope that the harsh winter will soon be over and warmth is on its way.

Winter Jasmine

Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 3

This is another flower that welcoming for spring. The Winter Jasmine is a scrambling flower that has yellow star-shaped leaves. These leaves can be easily trained with wires as a climber.

If you decide to use these flowers as archways or just scramble them on a low wall or a fence then they would look just perfect.

It is worth noting that this flower’s blossom peaks during the spring season.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 4

These upright, cup-shaped flowers look great on both posts and borders alike. You can see this flower blooming during autumn, winter, or spring.

The Crocus is a genus belongs to the iris family that comprises over 90 different species of perennials that grow from corms.

The famous spice saffron grows from the stigmas of Crocus sativus, a species that blooms during the autumn season.

Iris Unguicularis

Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 5

Also known as the Algerian Iris, the Iris Unguicularis is native to Turkey, Western Syria, Tunisia, and Greece. Ironic how it isn’t native to Algeria I know.

This flower can grow up to 30 centimeters with grassy, evergreen leaves.

This plant is known for producing perfumed violet flowers with yellow and white patterns visible on it. The flowers have a tendency to appear during winter and early spring.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 6

This plant varies in blooming time. Some bloom during spring and others can bloom as soon as winter.

This plant is also known as Narcissus and is a genus of predominantly spring perennial plants of the amaryllis family: Amaryllidaceae.

This is one of the plants that have many different names such as Daffadowndilly, Narcissus, or Jonquil. These names can be used to describe all or just some species of the genus.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 7

It is hard to know which species of Viburnum to look for. The reason is that there exist about 150-175 species of Viburnum flowering plants. They belong to the moschatel family Adoxaceae.

Some species of this flower, mainly Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is a brilliant kind with strongly scented pink flowers.

The species you would want for your garden or pot collection are the evergreen ones. Look for V. tinus and V. burkwoodii.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 8

Also Known as Cornus, Dogwood is a small woody shrub that is loved for its red bare stems that are mainly grown during winter.

This genus has about 30-60 different species of woody plants in the family Cornaceae. They are mostly called Dogwood thanks to how they are easily distinguished by their blossoms, berries, and their distinctive barks.

This plant looks amazing and will certainly add a colorful touch to your garden, but tends to have an unpleasant smell.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 9

Mahonia is a made up of a stunning range of evergreen shrubs that are also known as barberry. They comprise sunny yellow flower spires on top of the foliage of rich green leaves.

This genus has around 70 species that all belong to the family Berberidaceae, and are native to the East Asian continent, North and Central America, as well as the Himalaya.

Adding this to your collection will give it a bright yellow look that will shine through the cold, gloomy winters and make everything more alive.


Top 9 Best Colorful Winter Plants for This Year 10

Clematis is an evergreen winter-flowering plant. It is also known as Cirrhosa, and Leather Flower.

This one is a very famous garden plant since 1862. It is a genus of over 300 species.

C. cirrhosa var. purparescens ‘Freckles’ flowers first with creamy bell-shaped flowers and speckled petals.

They will make your garden look more diverse and give it a little bit of a warm feel.


Winters don’t have to be all sad and gloomy. You can brighten things up and add more life to them by diversifying your garden and adding more winter-friendly plants.