Top Eye-Catching Types of Bonsai Trees

Have you heard of Bonsai trees? If you haven’t, it is basically a Japanese technic of growing plants in a miniature size but also while keeping the full-size shape.

This East Asian practice has become popular internationally. So, here are five beautiful Bonsai Trees to get you started.

Cherry Bonsai Tree

Top Eye-Catching Types of Bonsai Trees 1

This is one of the most esthetically pleasing plants. The beautiful cherry blossoms will make any outdoor or indoor space more enjoyable and colorful.

You’ll need some seeds that you can easily get after eating your cherry fruits. Use a specialized soil and a gallon sized pot if you’re a beginner. The smaller the tree the more complicated it will be to plant.

For a cherry tree, it is better to keep it in areas that are partially sunny and to avoid hot weather. It needs warmth and regular watering during the summer.

Cherry blossom trees can be fragile when it comes to care taking, but their beauty is worth it.

Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree

Backyard Bonsai Tree

Japanese maple is a highly adaptable tree for bonsai. With its red leaves, it will add a vibrant feel to any outdoor space.

For this tree, you’ll need to put it in a sunny airy place. However, when the heat peaks during midday or in scorching summer days, make sure to place it in light shade.

The maple leaves can be damaged if exposed to high temperature, or a low one (under -10 Celsius/ 14 Fahrenheit).

Crape Myrtle Bonsai Tree

Top Eye-Catching Types of Bonsai Trees 2

Crape myrtle is a breathtaking tree with its branchy nature. Its leaves and bark comes in different colors, and it is known to shed bark form time to time. It is an excellent tree for bonsai.

This tree needs to be kept in a sunny area for the flowers to blossom. You can place it outdoors next to your window; however make sure to keep it in a 45 to 54 F/ 7 to 12 C during the winter under a low light.

Bougainvillea Bonsai Tree

Backyard Bonsai Tree

This ornamental flowering plant that’s originally from South America can also be adapted to a Bonsai tree.

It has beautiful flowers with paper like petals in different colors (pink, orange, white). It has woody vines and perfectly fitting for warm climate.

Make sure to prune it to the desired shape during the growth period only and after. Bougainvillea requires sunny weather to grow, or it won’t produce enough leaves.

Boxwood Bonsai Tree

Backyard Bonsai Tree

Boxwood species can easily be adapted into any container and turned into a bonsai tree. It is a perfect starter for a beginner.

The boxwood is better suited for outdoors. It can be left in sunny areas as well as shaded ones. If you’re familiar with this plan, then you must know that it grows under trees’ canopy.

For this reason, it would be safer to keep it in a partially sunny area, and don’t forget to protect it from the cold winter weather.

Top Eye-Catching Types of Bonsai Trees 3



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