Why Are My Succulents Dying? (Tips To Save Them)

Who doesn’t love succulents? They are probably the official flower in everybody’s life, now and forever. Some people’s succulents can die due to many reasons so they ask this question: Why are my succulents dying?

Succulents, as well as a few other plants like orchids and areca palms, are very important, they keep producing oxygen all through the night, and they purify the air.

Like snake plants and Aloe Vera, succulents are very efficient at cleansing the air and removing toxins from it.

However, succulents need to be taken care of. Now, let’s talk about why your succulents keep dying!

Why Are My Succulents Dying?

So many people are obsessed with succulent, but they find it difficult to take care of them because they keep dying.

So, let us dive deeper and discuss the 5 reasons why your succulents are expiring and what you need to do to keep them living longer. 

If your succulents are dying, then read on! A few quick fixes can save your succulents and bring them back to life, and you can enjoy them for years (yes years!).

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You’re Watering Them Too Much.

Bear in mind that succulents are pretty much like cacti in the sense that they love dry soil, dry air, and live a dry life.

My Succulents Dying

There’s no doubt that you’d want your succulents to grow quickly, but using too much water isn’t the right way to do that.

You need to put the watering can down and back away. 

That is to say, excessive watering is often one of the main causes of your succulents waste.

But don’t worry! The following is an effective way to save your overwatered succulents: 

Why Are My Succulents Dying? (Tips To Save Them) 1

Allow the soil to dry out completely before watering the succulents another time. Also, make sure there are drainage holes in your flower pot so that the water can wipe out.

When the soil is thoroughly dry, you can then use a spray or misting bottle to spray the whole soil. 

You can use it only one time per week. Also, you can use small and shallow succulent pots if you want an extra boost. 


Your Container Is Too Deep.

Succulents are superficial. No! Not in the sense of their character, but concerning their roots. Their roots are shallow and do not require deep pots.

dead succulent leaves

In case your succulents don’t seem to be flourishing, that means the pot depth may be an issue. The water may go straight to the bottom of the pot without allowing the roots to have a chance to sip what they need.

The Best Way To Save Stunted Succulents

You’ll need to move them from a shallow planting pot to another one when the roots can get all cozy.

It is preferable to plant your succulents in different small pots rather than stuff them all in one huge container.


You can take a look at this set of small and shallow succulent pots that are perfect for your succulent pots.

You’re Not Giving Them Enough Sun.

Why Are My Succulents Dying? (Tips To Save Them) 2

Succulents are similar to cacti, remember? So they require heat. Which means you’ll need to put your succulents under sun rays or in a place that is warm, because a few hours of sun coming from the window won’t do the job.

How To Attract The Heat

succulents dead

What you need to do is find a sunny place in your home, track it and look for a spot that gets a good 6 hours or more of sun per day.

Avoid keeping succulents beside drafty windows and doors or cooling vents.


 You Stuffed A Lot Of Succulents In One Container

You may wish to have a full and lush pot of succulents so you put a dozen of them into a tin and now they are all dying. Well! You’d feel so guilty about that.

succulent plants

Just like any other plant, succulents require space to grow in. Otherwise, they will die!

How To Give Enough Space To Succulents

What you need to do is to leave at least 2 to 3 inches between your succulents. Then, give them the required time to mature and grow naturally.

If the space between your plantings bothers you, try to add some decorative stones or sand in between them.

You Picked The Wrong Colors.

dead succulent plant

If you’ve never grown succulent, you can stick to bright green plants. There’s no doubt that the rainbow colors are more fun and look better, but you will find that the streamline green grows faster and does not require much care.

You will also find that the fancier colors like orange, purple, and red hues look better when grown outdoors in dry heat, in their natural environment.

How To Pick The Right Succulent Plant

The first thing to do is to make sure the leaves are lush, and holes or scratches free. Also, look for bright green foliage.

Why Are My Succulents Dying? (Tips To Save Them) 3

One important thing is to feel the soil the succulents are planted in, and make sure it isn’t a swamp.

Look for signs that show that succulents were taken good care of (put in a warm, sunny spot, away from the cold, and properly watered) to get good quality plants.

That is to say, there are basically 5 reasons your succulents are losing life. Luckily, you now know what to do about it.