Wonderful Tree Stump Ideas For Your Yard

Do you have a dull garden full of tree stumps that you want to get rid of?

Do not! We have stunning tree stump ideas for you. You can make use of them to turn your garden into a place full of wonders. 

Tree stump idea of a container

Here we selected for you a list of the different designs and decorations you can make out of a tree stump to bring more fun and joy to your garden.

Stunning Yet Weird Decorations To Create Using Tree Stumps

Turning tree stumps into landscape decorations is a fun and interesting activity that will serve both your garden and you, as you will be DIYing and spending some time away from technology and in touch with nature.

Here are some of the easiest yet beautiful ideas to make out of tree stumps.

Gnome Residence

If you are a wonderland fan and want to turn your garden into one, then start by creating some gnome or hobbit houses out of the tree stumps you have.

Gnome house tree stump ideas

All you need is a lot of patience and the right utensils to carve the house, windows, door out of the stump wood, and paint in vibrant colors to give it some life.

Gnome house made of tree stump

You can as well take your gnome residence to another level of creativity, and shape some stairs, add some hobbit dolls, some tiny plant pots, and even a mailbox. 


A mini fairyland in your garden? Sounds like a great plan for Peter Pan fan.

You want to make some fairy houses out of the tree stumps by applying a mossy roof, some colorful flowers, vibrant mushrooms (fairies like mushrooms!), a small ladder and a welcome hint.

Fairy garden house made of tree stump

This stump would be a host for almost any small winged creature. You might also add some fairies and fairy dust/ glitter if you like going extra.

Traditional Spa

A hardy stump makes an ideal base to create a bird tub. Use a bowl out of a prior bird tub, or just about any bowl you don’t use anymore and you think can endure different weather conditions, such as a shallow terracotta dish, or every different heavy bowl or jar to generate any water leakage.

dird feeder and house made of tree stump

Insert a tiny solar fountain, and shortly, you are going to have birds affixed to your yard.

In case the stump is not at a shadowed place, encircle the hen tub by tall plants or simply make sure to keep it cool during the heat of the evening.


What can possibly be more interesting compared to simply turning a deceased stump to a plank match?  You don’t have to answer this lol, let’s get into the idea.

Tic-Tac-Toe game on tree stump ideas

The simplest board game you can create is Tic-Tac-Toe, by simply painting the lines on the surface of the stump.

You might want to use some sandpaper to make it smoother first.

You can even include your youngsters in designing the match bits, which in this case can be eloquent stones painted to resemble ladybugs, bumblebees or flowers or any other creation that might please you.

Pull-up a bunch of lawn seats and start the game on a sunny spring day!

Garden Journey

Molded plastic footholds, scaling grips (accessible stores which sell park components), and a huge tree stump turned into a climbing wall to get little feet and hands.

tree stump ideas to make a climbing wall

Connect a security fencing, assembled from dimensional timber, and then bolt that the pliers firmly into the surfaces of tree.

tree stump ideas to climb a tree stump

Stabilize the planks together with rope that is thick, and then add a slip to continue to keep youths occupied although they build up large motor abilities.

Throne in Household

Who wouldn’t want a throne made out of nature in their backyard?

Correct. Everybody would want especially if it originates from a tree stump. How to make one?

Throne like the game of throne's one in your garden made of tree stump

Simple. Cut the tree trunk into a suitable height using a chain saw, and then cautiously calibrated to shape the seatback, curve it the way you want and make the sides’ rear.

Most DIYers believe that the action of cutting and curving makes this job somewhat a long chaotic moment, but worth it and satisfying once it’s done.

tree stump throne

Catch your favorite novel and a cup of tea, and then sit in this tree stump seat to get a few energizing moments of comfort.

Farm Dining Table

Turning tree stumps into an open space dining table will save you a lot of money and provide a stylish natural dining atmosphere.

creative tree stump ideas a table made of tree stump

To create this, you must make sure that the top of the stump is level, and use sandpaper to polish it.

If the stump is too damaged, you might want to add a flat foundation on top of it.

tree stump table in garden

Now you have a free dining table from nature in your backyard, that is best for summer weekend lunches!

Stylish Glass

You can never go wrong with natural beauty, and combining wood shaped by nature with glass to create a coffee table is an undeniable fancy look for sure.

glass tree stump table idea

Just pick one tree stump, polish it to make it fit the table size you want to make, and use a slice of thick tempered glass, so if it ever breaks, you won’t have tiny sharp glass bits all over the place.

tree stump glass table

There are many ways to put both pieces together but it would be better if you get help from a professional, or use professional tools and advice.


Now that you have all of these wonderful ideas in mind, get in action and make some beautiful useful artsy pieces out of the boring tree stumps in your garden. But if you think that removing the tree stump is a good idea try these tree stump removal tips.